April 30, 2015



the process of reviewing and documenting, usually in measurable terms, one’s knowledge, skills, talents, experience, attitudes and status.


  • Describe where you are today – define your current career coordinates.

So the job hunt is taking longer than you anticipated.
What are you going to do about it?
Where do you go from here?

The job hunt is a process.
Reassessing your Career Coordinates is vital before determining what and where you should go next. Afterall, finding a job these days is like going into a battlefield without a weapon…
strategy matters!

Career Coordinates comprise your status in the following:

Resources: skills, talents, experience, relationships
Job Search Strategy
Base Plan

In Phase #1, you’ll learn how to take stock of your current Career Coordinates.

  • Re-evaluate your resources to determine which are relevant to employers in today’s economy.
  • List and review all the functions and industries where you already have experience.
  • Assess which of your resources are transferrable to other industries and disciplines.
  • Determine how your resources can be best put to use in helping you land a new job.
  • Review all of your current communication tools: resume, cover letters, emails, social networks, blogs, letters, etc.
  • Gather and assess all the job search tools you’ve been using to pursue employment such as internet job postings and social networks.
  • List and critique the job openings you’ve pursued to date.

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