April 30, 2015


What makes your service different from the other career services?

If you’re ready to be open to new ideas about new avenues for your career, you’re in the right place. If you’re ready to hear about new possibilities in the same line of work, you’re in the right place. The key is YOU. When you’re ready to commit to discovering who and what else you can be, we are the source to help you figure this out!

Why do I need a job search ‘strategy’?

Just the same way a business plans ahead for its future success, individuals need to develop a similar plan for their own future. Take more control! Determine your strengths and untapped potential. Decide where your skill sets can best be put to use – these help you gain maximum ‘ROCI’ or ‘Return on Career Investment’. We help you look at your life through a new set of lenses: develop new contacts, look into new industries, re-position your skills and talents.

How long does it take?

Developing your own tailored job search strategy is a process. You decide if you need one session or several. You choose the length of time and commitment you’re prepared to give to your career.

What kind of career services does Executive Job Search Strategies offer?

We can help you with revamping your resume, targeting new job opportunities, career re-invention, networking, preparing for interviews, through to negotiating successfully on a job offer. You decide where you need the help.

How do I know your service works?

When you start seeing the results of our partnering efforts, you will see how Executive Job Search Strategies works. We help you get to your next employment faster through concentrated focus on your targeted career goals and strategy.

What about your fees?

Our goal is to give your professional assistance at affordable pricing. Please call us for more information at 203-354-2634.